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Carolyn Grace Sussey Notary Public   Call:(604) 569-3015



201 - 439 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R4 

T: (604) 569-3015 F: (604) 569-3035 

Carolyn has several years of experience in various industries as a Certified Management Accountant.  Her business background as well as her interest in the Law led her to pursue her education and training to become a Notary Public. 

With a Masters in Applied Legal Studies from Simon Fraser University and extensive training with the Society of Notaries Public of BC, Carolyn has a strong foundation of legal knowledge and expertise which are an asset to her clients. 

Carolyn values her clients and is committed to providing them with innovative, personalized quality notary services. 

Our Services



  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate Conveyance

  • Mortgages & Refinances  

  • Notarizations, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations

  • Wills

  • Power of Attorneys

  • Representation Agreements & Advance Directives

  • Contracts



  •  Affidavits for All Documents required at a  Public Registry within BC
  •  Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
  •  Authorization of Minor Child Travel
  •  Certified True Copies of Documents
  •  Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  •  Statutory Declarations

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 Vancouver Office

 201 - 439 West Broadway  (at Cambie)

 Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R4

 Tel:  (604) 569 - 3015

 Fax:  (604) 569 - 3035

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 * Conveniently located on the Broadway corridor 

 Across the City Hall Skytrain Station

 Our office is above the Coast Capital Credit Union

Real Estate Conveyance Services

 Real Estate Transfers (Selling and/or Buying)


 We provide legal services required for the transfer of ownership from a 


 seller to a buyer.  This process is referred to as a conveyance.

 Services include: Review of Purchase and Sale Contract, Title & Tax


 Search, Form A Transfer Form, Review of Property Plan, Strata Documents


 (applicable for Strata Properties), Statement of Adjustments, Statement of


 Title Certificate. 

Wills and Estate Planning

 Plan with Confidence*


 One of the most important and caring things you can do for yourself and  your loved ones is to prepare in advance for a time when you may not be  able to express your own needs and wishes.

 Expressing and legally documenting preferences and instructions can  protect you or your family members from financial abuse or exploitation.

 Designating healthcare decision-makers and documenting instructions can  create peace-of-mind, minimize dissension and anguish among friends and  family and ensure compliance on critical decisions. 

 Advance planning can be a very comforting and satisfying process,  especially when it's managed by an experienced and trusted legal  professional.  Notaries understand the sensitivities and complexities of  these planning decisions, and will ensure that your intentions are clear and  properly documented-so you can rest assured about the future.
 If you have close family and friends, expressing your preferences clearly  and encouraging them to do the same is one of the greatest gifts you can  give them to ensure they are aware of your wishes-and to save potential  confusion or conflict later on.

 Clear, legally documented instructions can also save costly and time-  consuming legal intervention in the future.

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